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Happy National Pi Day!

This was my first time doing a decorated crust, but I figured for Pi Day we should do it big! This pie was super simple and plant-based. Easy… Breezy Apple Peazy and it’s “Semi-Homemade” to save you some time in the kitchen ✅🥧 You can start with a boxed pie crust like this or you could try refrigerated to save even more time. Both are vegan by accident and the perfect base for this recipe (be sure to read labels) You will need 2 boxes for one pie to get a nice thick top crust and a bottom crust and some extra for designs. If using ready made or refrigerated you will need 3 sheets.

You can opt for Apple Pie Filling as it’s easier and most are vegan (be sure to check the label) but I suggest adding some additional apple pie spice, lemon, and maple syrup to taste. Don’t go in blind with canned filling. You might be disappointed 😞
I absolutely love these pink pastry brushes they are my favorite. Fun for the spring kitchen gadget/tools.
Oven Ready! Going in ✅

Keep a close eye on your pies. I came to the realization that to get perfect edges you have to protect your crust. So, I brought this to prevent future pies from getting too dark or burnt edges as they tend to cook faster than the middle. For this pie I struggled with foil wrapping 🥴 A literal nightmare.

Finished Product 🤤

Yummy 🤤 📸 : Shaughn Cooper
Bakery Display Ready! 📸 : Shaughn Cooper
It’s the details for me! 📸Shaughn Cooper
I manually cut out all the detail by hand with exception of the Pi symbols! 📸: Shaughn Cooper
📸: Final Pre-Bake Shot!

Hope this post gave you all the spring vibes for National Pi Day! 🥧💐


-Crys 🖤

food blog, recipes, vegan recipes

5-Tips to Ⓥ𝚎𝚐𝚊𝚗𝚒𝚣𝚎 🅸🆃

Last week on IG Live Brandon and I affectionately shared the 5 tips for going vegan. As promised, I am sharing them here on the blog!

1. Look at all your meals with a vegan eye!

I Cook daily and what helps me to create vegan goodness, is simply looking at food and see the possibility. For instance, if I see a meal that has crab I see Jackfruit or if it has chicken I see Tofu! See what it can be instead of what it is. Possibilty within perspective.

2. Bring on the Textures… Time for New Flava on your plate 😎

As a person who is very particular about texture and flavors, I must say that food results depend largely on textures and knowledge of different flavors. I challenge you to question your dinner guests ( or family ) to describe what made the meal taste great. I assure you the responses will not be about meat or dairy. You will get “oh is was creamy, juicy, crisp, etc” … insert your favorite foodie adjectives 😋 Mainly, this is the case because the textures and flavors make a meal memorable and tasty. Because we want crispy “Chik’n” not soggy seitan …

3. We all got choices … IJS

In 2021 there is literally a Vegan substitute for everything. You can go to any aisle and find a vegan version of your favorite things. With a plant-based diet becoming more popular and sustainable many companies are jumping on the bandwagon with veganized versions of your all time favorite foods. I do recommend limiting these items to treats because… too much of a good thing, is a thing. Get creative ☺️ try to use plants often.

4. 🗣Practice … All those other meals were practice 🤷🏽‍♀️

We all know practice makes perfect. You may have to commit to some trial and error to get the desired results. I’ve learned so much about working with plant-based meats and cheeses with hacks and cooking tips that work. Literally practice is how my blog was born. Playing with ingredients, textures, and flavors is my favorite past time. I actually have a thing where I look for recipes that are not plant-based and set out to veganize them… it’s like a rush for me. I also love practicing with old favorites!

5. Positive Outlook = Positive Results

The most important ingredient in a veganized recipe is the outlook. I try not to refer to plant-based ingredients as Fake or Faux. Instead I use a different term like chicken-less or beef-less. When using terms like the aforementioned it creates a negative connotation that signifies that it’s missing something or inadequate in some way. Change your perspective and change your outcome. The mindset weighs heavy on your ability to stick with it and enjoy.

Today I’m leaving you guys with my sister-in-love’s coveted Skillet Apple Pie we Ⓥ𝚎𝚐𝚊𝚗𝚒𝚣𝚎 🅸🆃. So, in our live last we I shared how this was a favorite of my husband and I. This pie is a treat! I’m sure your family will love it ♥️ This also shows how some will support your journey in a big way 🤗

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Love, and Veggies ✌🏾♥️🌱 -Crys