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Valentine’s Day Charcuterie Bouquet 💐

Get out the way, flowers. These tasty arrangements are the perfect gift for your valentine or galentine!

Charcuterie Boards are cute but since it’s Valentine’s Day I figured let me make it beautiful ☺️ checkout my Charcuterie Themed Bouquet with Tofurky & Sweet Earth flowers as the stars 💐 I mean roses are nice, but I’m a foodie at heart, so I need a snack to go with those roses 🌹Charcuterie bouquets are the cutest way to say “You complete me” in a delicious way. Making a gift like this yourself is thoughtful and has never tasted so amazing. Customize your bouquet to fit your Valentine’s preferences.

Happy ❤️ Day!📸 : Shaughn Cooper
Checkout this : Cake Pedestal

So it’s officially “Love Day” and honestly I didn’t get to share 1/2 of my ideas so, believe me y’all will get heart shaped everything until I’m over it 🤷🏽‍♀️

Cheezy Lover ♥️📸 : Shaughn Cooper
Fresh Veggies like the ones I get delivered weekly by Imperfect Produce try now and save!
📸: Shaunghn Cooper

One of the best parts about being a creative is that I get these random ideas, usually pretty dope ones. Me at 2 am: “Hey, let’s make ham roses” 🤣 One thing I’ll say is that my photographer is always game especially when there’s vegan food involved! Sometimes trying to “Veganize” Recipes present an even greater challenge. Vegan products behave differently than their non-vegan counterparts. Deli slices is one of those products because of the lower fat content. However my motto is where there’s a will there’s a way.

When you have a passion for cooking it makes you happy and becomes your happy place! This is my happy place 📸 : Shaughn Cooper
Just Yummy 😋 📸 : Shaughn Cooper

“Roses are Red Violets are Blue. My charcuterie board is cuter than you 😍😘✌🏾”


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